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We all have a different story behind our fitness journeys, mine maybe started a little later than most. I spent the first part of my career working in the corporate world, mainly sat behind a desk for hours on end. 

I didn't do a great deal of exercise, because I never needed to (I know right, but don't hate me for it!) 

My weight was fine & stable, underweight if anything, but I had no specific need or inclination to do much above what my day to day life demanded. I had had several years going to the gym every now & then, but never made much progress or really stuck at it more than a few months at a time.


Then in 2017, I after a couple of weeks not feeling quite right I took my self to the doctor & was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes - yeah the bad one!

My diagnosis story is a little different to most, but I'll save that for another time.


After a few month settling into the new condition, I found that I diabetes & I got on quite well. Strange as that sounds, if there were any chronic condition to get, type one is the one that suits me the best.


I began taking my training & exercise more seriously, I'd trained on & off for years before, it wasn't until now I started to put much thought into it...I'd never needed to before, but now, with diabetes, I felt I had something to prove - diabetes was not going to stop me!


A few years into my life with diabetes, Covid hit the world along with the lock downs and stay at home edicts. 

Despite the heartache going off in the world, this gave me a much needed break from corporate life, it gave me chance to reflect on myself, my career, my condition and really take stock of where I was at & where I wanted to be.


The conclusion I came to, was that I needed to do something more fulfilling, something that helped other people and in some way linked to health, fitness and maybe include diabetes too.


I didn't know it at the time, but I was searching for my Ikigai.


I'd been reading lots about my condition, pretty much since day one. But now its was time to start making that into something more formal & I began the qualifications I felt I needed to turn my Ikigai in to a service to help other people.

And so here I am, a couple years after the initial idea and I’m a fully qualified nutrition coach and personal trainer, ready to help you own your fitness too.

And for those who also live with Diabetes, I’m specially placed to step in where a usual PT can’t.

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