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Image by Brett Jordan


23 November 2022

Sleep is a natural & vital function. Not getting enough sleep has a big impact on our mood, hormone balance - which amongst other things can effect  appetite, cognitive ability, attention and concentration - basically all the things we need to go about our daily lives - yet some of us boast about how we can function with very little sleep...

Two hormones that impact our appetite that are effected by sleep habits are Leptin & Ghrelin.

Leptin tells the body how full, or satiated you feel. Poor sleep can lead to lower levels of Leptin and therefore not feeling satiated.

Grehlin levels can increase with poor sleep. Grehlin stimulates the appetite, and the desire to eat.

So this imbalance that is usually restored by a goods nights sleep can quickly impact your diet even when sleep deprived by just a couple of hours.

The science tells us that between 7-9 hours a night is the optimum amount. Despite its importance, good sleep doesn't just happen - especially in the modern world we live in, where everything is designed to keep our attention & our amagdyla fired up.

Here's a few tips to help you maximise your sleep potential.


Our phones, tablets, TV's produce a light at a similar wavelength to the sun - 

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